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At Riverbend Kumon, located in Edmonton, AB, we work hard to make sure students and parents alike have all the information necessary to make informed decisions about their options. To that end, we've provided a list of some of the most common questions we receive, and invite you to spend some time on this page learning more. If you still have questions, we invite you to contact usdirectly.

How much time does Kumon take?

Kumon typically takes 15 to 20 minutes per day. We customize the plan of study for each and every student. Most of our students have busy schedules with school, sports and music, and we want to enable them to fit Kumon easily into their daily routine. We discuss the individualized needs of each student when we do the post-placement test interview.

I want my student to get more help with problem solving in math. What can I do?

Some of the levels of the Kumon worksheets do contain word problems. However, along with solving the calculation portion of the problem, the real skill involved in word problems is reading comprehension. If your child has difficulty with solving word problems, it may be he/she is having difficulty with reading. We can do an assessment of reading skills with your child to find out if this is the case.

What age do you have to be to join the Kumon program?

Many students start at age 4. We have students of all ages, including parents and grandparents. Students study at their own levels, at their own pace. However, it is always desirable to have a student studying at or above grade level – it is much easier for students when they start at an early age and develop the excellent basic skills and good work habits in their earliest school years.

How do I find out what level my student is at? Is it too late?

The first step is to book an Assessment Test. You can fill out the booking form on this website, or call us at 780-433-5182 to book an assessment or for immediate assistance.

The student will be given a basic skills assessment, and then we will go over the test(s) with the student and parents. The starting point will be discussed, the program will be described and there will be ample time to ask questions. This process will take approximately one hour. Following this appointment, you will have a complete package of information to take home and discuss together.

It is never too late. However, when a parent waits for a bad report card or the start of Kumon is delayed until the student is testing well below grade level, then it is much more difficult and the first few months of Kumon are simply helping to rebuild self-esteem and develop good work habits.

Do you allow calculators?

Never. That was easy (at least for us)!

Motivation money

How do you keep students motivated?

More free time and fewer struggles with school work: We usually find that being able to do school homework easily and quickly is a good motivator! Good marks at school, praise from teachers and peers, and more free time are some of the rewards our students enjoy.

Riverbend Kumon dollar rewards: On a day to day basis, however, we do have Riverbend Kumon Dollars, which are earned by students for their perfect homework scores. Our students can spend their Kumon Dollars on prizes at the Riverbend Kumon Centre, ranging from candy to fun items. The Kumon Dollar prizes appeal equally to our 4 year olds and high school students. Kumon students of all ages enjoy rewards and this has been a huge success for the past 18 years!

Awards and recognition for success: Many of our students are also motivated to achieve certain goals and qualify for Kumon Awards. All students are eligible to work towards the Kumon Math and Reading Awards.

Can I just pay a tutor to help me with my homework if I don't want to come in to the Kumon Centre for an Assessment Test?

A tutor is a short-term solution for some students, and in fact, some students do Kumon and also have a tutor to help with day to day problems at school until their Kumon studies get them caught up and a bit ahead of grade level.

You can always do both!

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