Riverbend Kumon in Edmonton: Promote Success With Learning Incentives

Facilitating long-term academic success through the provision of learning incentives, Edmonton students benefit greatly from Riverbend Kumon’s approach to motivation. By offering points that accrue over time, we encourage continued participation and student enthusiasm.

Student Motivation

Promoting free time and reducing struggles with schoolwork is a great first step in motivating students. We usually find that being able to do homework easily and quickly is a good motivator! Good marks at school, praise from teachers and peers, and more free time are some of the rewards our students enjoy. Children who require additional encouragement benefit highly from the Kumon+ program, in which all Kumon attendees are automatically enrolled.

Kumon+ Point System

Through the Kumon+ system, attendees gain points for every month completed, earning separate points for each program in which they are enrolled. Both parents and students have access to a personalized online page where they can track the current point tally, also featuring a catalogue of rewards. Once the student accumulates enough points, they can be traded for diverse rewards including:

 Educational tools


 Art supplies

 …and more

 Recreational materials


 Sports equipment

 …and more

 Charitable opportunities

 Convert points into charitable donations





Kumon Dollars

When children achieve success in matters such as perfect scores on homework, they are awarded Kumon Dollars, a more immediate reward system for program participants. These Kumon Dollars may be spent at our Kumon store, which offers a diverse inventory that appeals to our youngest through our oldest students.

RIVERBEND Kumon Awards

Many students are motivated by positive reinforcement and these attendees respond well to our award system. Featuring annual accolades, Riverbend Kumon offers medals, trophies, and certificates which mark achievements such as:

  • Honour roll

  • Milestone Awards

  • Kumon Math Awards

  • Kumon Reading Awards

With a comprehensive approach to student motivation, whether your child prefers long-term focus, short-term gratification, or the positive reinforcement of award-related praise, Riverbend Kumon has the motivator to drive their success.

Motivate Success With Incentive Programs

Drive your child’s interest in academics with rewards ranging from toys to science gear.


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